My Alexander Journey...

I first had Alexander Technique lessons back in 1973, prior to starting a music degree at Glasgow University. I found the sessions so interesting and helpful that I later went on to learn to teach the Technique on a three year course at Dartington College of Arts, Devon, graduating in 1983. Since then I have been teaching mainly in private practice. In 1991, I became involved with the training of Alexander Teachers at the Bristol Alexander School and still teach there, one day a week.

Over the past fifteen years I have been living on the Welsh borders, just outside Monmouth, giving Alexander lessons at the Monmouth Natural Health Centre.


Having been involved with Alexander Technique for over 45 years I have ample opportunity to test the effectiveness of Alexander’s ideas, both on myself and students of the Technique. It is a discipline that we have to regularly maintain if we are going to reap long-term benefit. People find all kinds of ways to help themselves in life; yoga, Tai Chi, pilates. The main difference between these disciplines and AT is that AT can be applied within any situation, to any endeavour and will, I believe, actually help people to perform better whether in the yoga class, going for a jog, or typing up an email.


When I am not teaching Alexander Technique I play and write music in various contexts. I also maintain a small woodwind teaching practice in Monmouth town

Click here to see a video of the Bristol Alexander School.