‘Alexander Technique lessons have been life changing for me. They have helped me to recover from severe repetitive strain injury but I would recommend them to everyone, whether or not they have a physical problem, as they offer an excellent way of becoming attuned to the interaction between mind and body. I have been having lessons with Colin for over 15 years. His gentle manner and professional expertise make him the perfect teacher’


‘Better than Prozac!’                                  Charlotte     

‘Colin brings very great experience to teaching the Alexander Technique. I found I was immediately put at ease by his quiet good humour’   


What can Alexander Technique help with?

'The Alexander Technique is a skill for self-development teaching you to change long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do' 

- The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)


People have come to me over the years with a large variety of issues most of which have been resolved through taking lessons: back pain, sciatica, recurrent headache and migraine and repetitive strain syndrome.


Concern about posture is possibly the most common theme, typically people feeling concerned that they are ‘hunching over’, rounding their backs when sitting at the computer.

Back Problems

Many people come because of recurrent back problems. Worldwide, lower back pain is the most common form of chronic physical pain that human’s suffer. Why is this the case?


Backpain Trial

Some years ago I was fortunate to be asked to take part in a randomised trial to ascertain whether AT could help long-term back-pain sufferers. Patients were chosen by GPs, the only qualification being that they were long-term back pain sufferers. The results, published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 were very impressive. After 24 Alexander lessons patients who had previously experienced an average of 21 days of back pain per month had this average reduced to 3 days. Even more impressively this improvement was still being sustained one year after the lessons had finished. For more information on the trial follow this link.



Public speaking

Public speaking is often an issue for people and Alexander Technique can help people with reducing performance nerves and gaining more vocal control.